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Using Mediation Or Arbitration To Solve Family Disputes

Not all divorces and family law disputes require a fight to reach a resolution. In 1989, Texas enacted a number of methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Methods available to you today include mediation, arbitration and collaborative law.

At the Dallas law firm of Palmer Lehman Sandberg, PLLC, we put our decades of experience to work to resolve divorce and family law disputes. We will work with you to determine the method of resolution that makes the most sense in your case.

A Kinder Way To Resolve Family Law Disputes

In most cases, reaching a settlement outside of court is in the best interest of everyone involved. Using mediation, arbitration, or a collaborative law approach is generally less contentious, less stressful and less expensive than full-blown divorce litigation. Of course, if a case requires a more aggressive approach, that’s the approach we will take.

Is Family Law Mediation Right For You?

Mediation has proven to be the most popular and widely used form of alternative dispute resolution. It is an interest-based process conducted by a trained and impartial third party, referred to as the mediator. The mediator’s role is to assist the parties involved in reaching an agreement. The mediation process is beneficial in part because it allows the parties involved to control the outcome, rather than handing over their futures to a judge, and is very private and confidential.

Early intervention mediation of divorce, also known as pre-filing mediation, is also an option. This sometimes leads to resolution of many, if not all, contentious issues to be resolved prior to even retaining a trial attorney.

The mediation process is beneficial because it allows the parties involved to control the outcome, rather than simply handing over their futures to a judge in a public forum.

Is Family Law Arbitration A Viable Approach?

Although less commonly used than mediation, arbitration is also a viable form of dispute resolution of divorce and certain other family law concerns. Arbitration also involves a trained and impartial third party, referred to as the arbitrator. The arbitrator’s role is to listen to each party’s side and make a decision on any contested issue just as a trial court judge would .

Arbitration doesn’t allow as much collaboration as mediation, however it is much more informal than a traditional court trial. It is generally binding, but the parties can agree to nonbinding arbitration.

Collaborative Family Law: Turn To A Leading Firm In Dallas

An even more recent alternative dispute resolution method comes in the form of collaborative law. Our attorneys are skilled and knowledgeable in this relatively new area of family law. Please see our collaborative family law page for more information on this rapidly growing method of dispute resolution.

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