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Protecting Lenders In Debt Disputes

Sometimes borrowers figure that the best defense to a lender’s collection claim is a good offense. Lenders who insist on enforcing their rights can be hit with counterclaims— or even a preemptive lawsuit – alleging misconduct and damages. Such lender liability counterclaims must be defeated in order to fully and finally collect on the loan and any collateral.

At the law firm of Palmer Lehman Sandberg, PLLC, our lawyers have decades of experience that we put to use in lender liability cases. Our experience allows us to more quickly evaluate and respond to counterclaims of debtors

Defending Against Borrowers’ Counterclaims

The law offers creditors clear guidance about what can and what cannot be done when attempting to collect on a debt. It is easy to misstep in the process of collection, and desperate borrowers are all too eager to seize upon any real or perceived misstep to turn the tables on their lenders and intimidate them.

Our attorneys help guide lenders through the debt collection process to avoid pitfalls. When borrowers bring accusations of lender liability, we are prepared to quickly evaluate and challenge them so that lenders may freely pursue the full range of their lawful collection remedies.

Conversely, we are able to counsel and assist borrowers and debtors in matters involving overreaching by lenders who act outside the bounds of law during over-zealous collection efforts.

Experienced In All Types Of Lender Liability Cases

Our firm has the experience to represent parties in lender liability cases involving:

  • Wrongful foreclosure
  • Improper seizures and repossessions
  • Usury claims for illegal interest charges
  • Fraudulent inducement and related allegations
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations

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