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Using Paternity Actions To Enforce Parental Rights

Even if there is no dispute and both parties are in agreement, there is still a process that needs to be used to establish paternity. This process is called adjudication (via court order) or acknowledgment (voluntary action) of paternity. We have experienced family law attorneys in our office, which means that this can be handled for you – often with no trip to the courthouse.

Paternity Disputes/Mistaken Identity Of The Father

When there is a paternity dispute, issues can become complex. Frequently, paternity testing (also referred to as DNA testing) is necessary; and it is extremely accurate in determining whether a man is or is not the biological father.

Adjudication Or Acknowledgment Of Paternity

Sometimes a man is mistakenly or fraudulently identified as the biological father of the child in a court order. There is now a Texas statute that may allow a father to assert, even after there is a court order adjudicating his paternity, that he is not the biological father. If this is proven by a DNA test a court may reverse the finding of paternity and terminate his obligation to pay child support.

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