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Protecting Valuable Grandparent/Grandchild Relationships

At Palmer Lehman Sandberg, PLLC, we understand how valuable a grandparent/grandchild relationship can be. We work closely with grandparents to design a plan that allows them the best chance to be a part of their grandchild’s life.

Do The Grandparents Have Standing?

When approaching any grandparents’ rights case, one of the most important considerations is to determine standing – the legal right to proceed with an action. In fact, if a grandparent or other family member lacks standing, he or she cannot even file a suit. In some cases, the courts allow the parents to decide if grandparents will have caretaker/visitation rights.

Our attorneys will explain the required legal proceedings and work towards optimal results for grandparents who seek to play a larger role in their grandchildren’s lives.

Grandparent Custody

In some cases, grandparents seek custody rights – either temporary or permanent – because one or both parents are unable to provide adequate and quality care for a child. We handle the following types of cases in which grandparents typically seek custody:

  • Parent is deceased or incompetent
  • Parent has substance abuse problems
  • Parent is in jail
  • Parent has had visitation rights terminated
  • Parent/child relationship has been terminated

Custody For Others

There are many circumstances in which the courts allow other or third-party family members – including grandparents, aunts, uncles and others who have had a substantial relationship with the child – to come in and obtain possession of the child.

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