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Protecting Your Assets In Noncompete Agreement Disputes

Disputes over noncompete agreements are complex legal matters. Employers need to restrict where former employees move, especially when they consider working for a competitor or within a specific geographic area. Employees exploring options outside of their current employer are bound by the contract they signed.

Employers use noncompete agreements when they have trade secrets, intellectual property, or other confidential or proprietary information. At Palmer Lehman Sandberg, PLLC, our lawyers protect our clients and their valuable assets when former staff members violate noncompete agreements.

Protecting The Interests Of Our Business Clients Throughout Texas

In Texas, valid noncompete agreements drafted with knowledge of and adherence to the law are enforceable. More importantly, they are vital to protect the business interests of the employer. Violations raise the stakes, particularly for the employer.

In response to noncompete agreement disputes, we hold employees accountable for violating the terms of the document they signed. Violations require immediate responses and aggressive actions in court. Solutions can be found through mediation. However, litigation remains an option if all other means toward resolution are exhausted.

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