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Dallas Real Estate Lawyers Protecting Your Commercial Property Interests

There are many more considerations and potential complications in commercial real estate deals and commercial lease agreements. Having your transaction negotiated or reviewed by a knowledgeable lawyer is not a requirement, but it is certainly a prudent investment with so much at stake.

The Dallas law firm of Palmer Lehman Sandberg, PLLC provides experienced scrutiny and strategy for commercial real estate transactions in the DFW area and North Texas. Our attorneys have engineered multimillion-dollar deals and helped clients avoid pitfalls that could derail the deal or tie up the property in litigation.

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Negotiation And Due Diligence

We have experience representing the interests of lenders, buyers and sellers of commercial property. We routinely represent commercial property owners and tenant businesses in working out the details of commercial leases, which can be quite lengthy and legally dense. On behalf of high net worth clients, our firm has also negotiated purchase or sale of high-end homes.

We can address every facet of contracts to buy or sell commercial property:

  • Free look periods
  • Letters of intent and earnest money
  • Purchase agreements
  • Financing commitments
  • Disclosures and inspections
  • Liens and other encumbrances
  • Title review and title insurance
  • Environmental concerns
  • Commercial real estate closings

Likewise, we provide due diligence to either party in commercial leasing transactions, including negotiation of price, deposits, covenants and restrictions, utilities and maintenance, renewal and right of first refusal, and early termination.

Our firm can also represent either party when real estate deals fall through, or in lease disputes and construction disputes. Our trial lawyers have extensive experience in real estate litigation and related business litigation.

Take The Steps To Protect Your Investment

We offer cost-effective negotiation or review of real property deals, from office buildings and retail space to industrial properties. To arrange a consultation, send us an email or call 214-242-6444.

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