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Breach Of Contract

At the law firm of Palmer Lehman Sandberg, PLLC, our lawyers provide legal services to businesses of all sizes in Dallas and throughout Texas. Whether our client is a locally owned retail store chain or a national financial institution, we work with them to identify their needs and objectives.

In breach of contract cases, we establish effective strategies to find resolution, explore all alternatives toward finding resolution, and assessing all risks and benefits of those decisions.

The Importance Of A Well-Written, Enforceable Contract

Contracts are a significant part of business operations that, when drafted well, protect both parties. A well -written contract outlines the responsibilities of each party, providing much needed structure and definition. The use of clear and transparent language prevents misinterpretation.

Every day partnerships and corporations enter into written agreements. Yet, regardless the effort and detail that goes into the drafting of a contract, breaches can occur. If the contract contains unclear or vague language, significant challenges arise when one party fails to live up to the written promises. Protect your interests with an enforceable contract.

Resolving Breaches Through Litigation Or Alternative Dispute Resolution

Contract breaches can be resolved by forcing the breaching party to fulfill their promise. Other violations necessitate the pursuit of attorney’s fees and exemplary or punitive damages.

We are committed to finding solutions through mediation or arbitration while preparing each case for business litigation. We do not shy away from the courtroom when our clients’ best interests need the level of protection that we provide.

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