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Protecting And Enforcing The Rights Of Parents

Are the rights of fathers and mothers equal? According to the law they are, at least in the context of a marital relationship or paternity action. Do the outcomes of family law cases reflect this? Not always. At the law firm of Palmer Lehman Sandberg, PLLC, we are committed to making certain that the rights of each parent are protected or limited, as applicable.

Every Parent Has Rights That Must Be Protected

We protect these rights as they pertain to both married and unmarried couples. In relationships involving children born outside of marriage, the rights of fathers and mothers can become complex. Our goal is to sort these matters out, all while focusing our attention on the needs of the children involved.

The Rights Of Married Mothers And Fathers

Of course, rights don’t typically become an issue until a marriage or relationship is ending. As the divorce or paternity process moves forward, fathers may feel that their rights as a parent are being neglected. Mothers may feel that their rights are being overlooked.

When you choose our lawyers to represent you, we will take care to see that our client’s rights will be protected.

The Rights Of Unmarried Mothers And Fathers

When a child is born outside of marriage, all rights belong to the mother until the father is acknowledged or found to be the “legal father” by court order. While most couples choose to acknowledge the father’s relationship to the child at the hospital when the child is born, that is not always the case.

Paternity actions may be required in order to grant the father rights to see the child. Child custody and visitation agreements can then be created. These actions are also necessary in order for the mother to seek child support from the father or gain other governmental or military benefits for the child.

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