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Mitigating Risk With A Limited Liability Company

The opening of a business usually represents the culmination of an entrepreneur’s longtime dream. However, that dream of a successful enterprise comes with the reality of Texas law and the risks that come from personal liability and tax exposure.

From the first day of operations, a business requires a sound foundation. Certain limitations or vulnerabilities make what should be solid ground very shaky. At Palmer Lehman Sandberg, PLLC, we take a proactive approach in helping our clients launch their business operations. Whether they are establishing a limited liability company (LLC) or other entity, our lawyers remain at their side throughout every step of the process.

A Flexible Hybrid

LLCs enjoy a multitude of advantages over a corporation, specifically flexibility and a more informal administration. An LLC is neither a partnership nor a corporation, but brings together the most attractive elements of both. Depending on the structure, the LLC may be similar to a general partnership with limited liability or an entity where some of the owners participate in operations management with limited liability.

We understand the risks Texas residents face in business formation. Handling complex legal matters without an attorney ignores the potential for mistakes that jeopardize the operation. Face-to-face interactions with our clients — while seemingly an outdated form of communication — help us get to know them and come to understand their specific needs and goals.

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