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Representation For Enforcement And Contempt Actions

Unfortunately, finalizing a divorce does not always end disputes. New, serious problems sometimes arise when one party fails to follow child custody and visitation orders, fails to make full child support or alimony payments on time, or fails to carry out stipulations for property division. These are also situations that may require an enforcement or contempt action.

Making Certain Divorce Orders Are Followed

At the law firm of Palmer Lehman Sandberg, PLLC, our family law attorneys are dedicated to helping clients resolve these disputes. Properly written divorce orders are generally binding and disobedience may result in a contempt of court action, with consequences that can include incarceration, monetary sanctions and an award of attorney’s fees.

Court orders can be enforced and we know how to ensure that they are. Our lawyers have decades of experience filing enforcement and contempt actions covering spousal maintenance and alimony, child custody and visitation, property division and child support. We also defend men and women who are facing contempt charges and help our clients obtain justified divorce modifications.

Enforcement Of Child Support, Alimony, Visitation And Other Orders

Sometimes a parent consciously and deliberately refuses to pay child support or spousal support. However, there are also circumstances in which job loss or some other financial issue causes the payer to fall behind. Prompt action can be crucial in either situation, and we can help by acting very quickly.

Also, child custody and visitation enforcement may be required if one parent is denying the other access to the child. In these cases, options may be available not only to resolve the dispute but also to arrange to “make up” time with children that has been unlawfully denied.

Contempt Of Court

A charge of contempt of court can be made in certain situations in which one party unjustifiably refuses to follow court orders. This charge can have serious repercussions for the offending party, including fines, attorney’s fees and incarceration.

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