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Representing Creditors In Business Bankruptcy

When a business files bankruptcy, creditors must move swiftly to protect their debt and collateral positions in an often fast-paced proceeding. At the Dallas law firm of Palmer Lehman Sandberg, PLLC, our lawyers have over three decades of experience standing up for the rights of financial institutions and corporate creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. This includes extensive representation of creditors and equipment lenders in bankruptcy cases involving manufacturers, retailers, distributors, transportation companies, motor vehicle dealers, health care providers, recycling and scrap concerns, dairies, feedlots, farmers, mid-stream oil and gas companies, oil field service companies, and real estate owners.

Collections, Repossessions And Foreclosure Issues Are Familiar Territory

By moving quickly, using our skill and our knowledge, we have a strong record of successfully helping creditors mitigate losses and protect their positions. Our attorneys focus on the options available to creditors to help them collect during the bankruptcy process, often before a plan is confirmed.

We look closely at the collateral that the debtor has used to secure the loan. Frequently, we are able to collect by pursuing adequate protection payments, automatic stay relief, and available remedies to foreclose on buildings and other collateral, repossess vehicles or inventory, or place liens on accounts receivable. Palmer Lehman Sandberg, PLLC has substantial experience in representing creditors in all aspects of Chapter 11 proceedings.

Intervening In The Bankruptcy Process

Collecting during a bankruptcy proceeding involves highly specialized representation to navigate the complex bankruptcy code and rules. Not only does it involve spotting opportunities and acting on them without hesitation, it requires the ability to carefully maneuver within the bounds of the law.

From the most basic aspects of putting our clients’ needs first during Chapter 11 bankruptcy creditors’ hearings to the most complex aspects of collections, our clients remain confident in our ability to represent them effectively throughout Chapter 11 proceedings.

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