Providing Solutions

Providing Business Succession Planning Solutions

At the law firm of Palmer Lehman Sandberg, PLLC, our attorneys counsel and represent many family-owned businesses in the Dallas area and throughout North Texas, providing personalized legal services and working with owners and stakeholders one on one. The hard work put into a family enterprise requires protection to ensure that successful operations continue into the next generation and generations to follow.

Proactive Protection Of Your Present And Future Business Interests

We take the proactive steps necessary to provide our business clients with confidence and peace of mind. Business succession planning provides stability to a company and can help you avoid difficult, sometimes intensely disputed transitions. A well-drafted plan can protect assets and designate a successor to operate the business through the transition, providing employees much- needed assurance regarding their job security.

Let’s Talk Through Your Objectives And Identify The Best Solutions

Spending time with our clients and their family members allows us to identify goals regarding the future of the company or farm and tailor succession plans — as well as individual estate plans — that are aligned with those objectives. Our attorneys place great value on face-to-face meetings, whereas other firms may prefer to rely on sophisticated but impersonal electronic communication. Old-fashioned, personal interaction is paramount to us and beneficial to our clients in critical ways.

Meet With A Succession Planning Lawyer

To discuss business succession or any planned transfer of ownership with a Dallas attorney who will prioritize your needs and interests, call 214-242-6444 or contact us via email now.

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