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Trusted Representation For Complex Estate Planning

Multimillion-dollar estates may be subject to federal taxation, as well as creditor actions and claims by disaffected heirs. At the law firm of Palmer Lehman Sandberg, PLLC, we provide sophisticated, comprehensive estate planning services for high net worth clients, with clear emphasis on tax minimization and wealth preservation.

Our legal team includes attorneys with more than 35 years of estate planning experience. We strive to provide solutions that achieve your goals for passing your estate to heirs with minimal taxation, challenges and delays.

Advanced Estate Planning Strategies For High-Asset Individuals And Families

We counsel and serve many North Texas business owners, professionals, executives and other clients who have significant wealth, including family-owned business and farms. We can guide you through various options for passing the bulk of your estate intact to future generations, through gifting, other gradual transfers during your lifetime, and estate planning instruments that are triggered upon one’s passing.

For example, placing assets in marital deduction trusts, generation-skipping trusts and other types of irrevocable trusts can postpone or mitigate federal estate taxes and other tax ramifications for your heirs.

Lifetime gifts are another way to transfer wealth and reduce your taxable estate upon death. We help clients with larger estates lock in gifted assets at present value for tax purposes, anticipating that those assets will greatly appreciate in value over time.

Minimizing Estate Taxes And Anticipating Problems In Complex Estates

Congress is forever tinkering with the estate tax threshold, and it is easy to run afoul of the IRS or Department of Justice by using questionable tax shelters and asset protection schemes. We provide clients who have large estates and complex assets with legitimate estate planning, tax planning and gifting strategies that comply with regulations and accomplish the mission.

Estate planning for larger estates is familiar territory for our dedicated legal team. To arrange a consultation with a lawyer at Palmer Lehman Sandberg, PLLC, call our law office at 214-242-6444 or email our firm.

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