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Handling Alimony Disputes

Along with child custody, visitation, property division and other pivotal issues, alimony obligations are often a serious source of conflict in Texas divorce cases.

At the Dallas law firm of Palmer Lehman Sandberg, PLLC, our lawyers bring decades of experience to the diverse family law cases we handle. If alimony — often called spousal support — is a disputed issue in your case, our goal is to make certain it is handled competently . Whether you believe you should receive alimony or your divorcing spouse expects you to pay, we will provide clear guidance and aggressive protection of your interests.

Understanding The Types Of Alimony Awarded In Texas

In Texas, there are three types of alimony or spousal support:

  • Temporary support while a divorce is pending
  • Post-divorce alimony or spousal support as ordered by the divorce court; and
  • Agreed alimony, also known as contractual alimony

The rules regarding spousal support or alimony are complex. It is important to talk to an experienced family law attorney to find out if alimony or spousal support is possible or appropriate in your situation. We are adept at negotiating manageable outcomes, proposing workable compromises and protecting our clients’ interests in negotiations, mediation or trial. We also pursue and defend against post-divorce modifications and enforcement of alimony orders.

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