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Protecting You During A High-Conflict Divorce

Some divorces are amicable and quick. But for many people, untying the knots of marriage is an emotionally charged and legally complex ordeal. When there are complicating factors such as affairs or abuse, often everything becomes a fight — the kids, the house, the business, the pensions, financial support … even the furniture.

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The experienced divorce lawyers of Palmer Lehman Sandberg, PLLC bring a seasoned and reasoned approach to high-conflict divorce. We strive to de-escalate disputes and help clients view the big picture. Then we help clients prioritize what is worth fighting for and where they may need to compromise or adjust their expectations.

While we strongly encourage mediation and arbitration — and strongly discourage spiteful litigation — it may be necessary in the end for a judge to settle some disputes. We equip clients for a practical and peaceful settlement but we are prepared for a courtroom battle if necessary.

Experienced Representation For Contested Divorce

Our staff handles divorce litigation in Dallas County, Collin County and North Texas. Our legal team includes three attorneys who are certified as specialists in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. We use our legal knowledge and courtroom experience to bring common sense, sensitivity and realistic solutions to complex and hotly contested issues in divorce such as:

Texas is a “no-fault” state — couples can divorce for irreconcilable differences. In high-conflict divorces, however, one party may file for divorce on statutory grounds such as adultery, abandonment, abuse, fraud, or cruelty. The court can consider these factors when determining custody, property division and spousal support, so there may be strategic reasons to allege these grounds.

We believe that alternative dispute resolution can be effective even in high-conflict divorce, especially where children are involved. Even if mediation does not resolve the dispute, it frames the issues and possible solutions. If your divorce is litigated, we can draw on a network of professionals to support your position, including custody evaluators and child psychologists, property appraisers and valuation experts, CPAs, forensic accountants and private investigators.

If Your Texas Divorce Promises To Be Contentious…

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