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Custody And Support Modifications After Divorce

Whether you were able to settle your divorce by agreement or some issues required resolution in court, the orders issued reflect the prevailing facts and circumstances at that time. Texas law provides specific procedures for obtaining post-divorce modifications of child support, custody (possession) and other orders when significant changes occur in either the parent’s or a child’s circumstances.

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Changes To Child Custody And Visitation Orders

Requests for modifications of child custody and visitation are sometimes critical for a variety of reasons. In extreme situations, these changes may be necessary because of concerns about domestic abuse, child neglect or endangerment. More commonly, however, parents need such modifications due to changes in work schedules, relocation or other factors.

Reducing Or Increasing Child Support

Texas child support orders are based on parents’ specific financial circumstances and children’s needs at the time of the divorce or resolution of a paternity matter. When these circumstances materially change, child support orders may require modification. A parent’s unavoidable job loss or promotion may justify a deduction in child support, or greater support may be justified due to a child’s increased needs or because an obligor’s income has increased significantly.

Changes To Court-Ordered Spousal Support

Court-ordered spousal support may be subject to modification if there has been a substantial change in the financial circumstances of either the paying or receiving party, or in some cases if the receiving party has remarried. However, contractual alimony generally cannot be modified.

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