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Negotiating Partnership Agreements And Disputes

Setting up a business entity is the simple part. Ambiguities and omissions in the governing agreements create far more problems. For every reason to start a business together, there are dozens of reasons that business relationships are dissolved.

The business attorneys of Palmer Lehman Sandberg, PLLC provide front-end counsel for solid business agreements among co-owners to avoid disputes. We also provide legal representation when internal conflict arise, to resolve disputes and get back on track or protect our clients in buyouts or dissolution.

Our Dallas law firm provides comprehensive services in business law and litigation to professionals, entrepreneurs and business operators in the DFW area and North Texas.

Defined Roles And Responsibilities

Whether you form as a company, corporation or partnership in entity selection, it is equally important that the governing agreements address roles, responsibilities and the future of the business. In the operating agreement (LLC), shareholder agreement (corporation) or partnership agreement, we help clients protect their individual interests and the business entity:

  • What are the duties of each member?
  • Who will be responsible for day-to-day management?
  • How will major decisions be made?
  • Will profits be shared equally?
  • Are there plans to expand or sell the business?
  • What about bringing on new members or investors?
  • What if one member dies, divorces or wants out?
  • How will partner or shareholder disputes be resolved?

Our attorneys strive to cover all the bases. We can knowledgeably address your interests and concerns in buy-sell agreements, share transfer restriction agreements, noncompete agreements, arbitration clauses and other provisions and companion documents.

Partnership And Shareholder Disputes

Many disputes arise because one partner is siphoning money, trying to cheat the other or scheming to steal clients and start a competing business. Sometimes conflicts arise when one owner gets divorced. Other times, the source of tension is simply differing visions or personality conflicts.

We represent partners and shareholders at any stage of disputes. If the parties want to continue the business relationship, we can help restructure the operation and rewrite the agreements. If the partnership cannot be salvaged, we represent clients in negotiations or litigation:

  • Buyout of one partner’s stake in the business
  • Dissolution of the business and allocation of assets and liabilities
  • Business torts such as fraud, breach of fiduciary duty or breach of noncompete agreement

Our trial lawyers have litigated countless partnership disputes and business dissolutions in Dallas and throughout Texas. We act swiftly to protect your interests and assess your legal remedies. We always aim for resolutions that are cost-effective and least disruptive, but we are also prepared to aggressively represent you in contested proceedings.

Representation For Business Agreement Disputes

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