Dallas Lawyers for Domestic Violence Victims

Domestic violence occurs across all levels of society, regardless of victims' and offenders' wealth, race, age or sexual orientation. It takes many forms, from physical assault and verbal threats to emotional abuse and psychological torture.

If you have experienced domestic abuse — by a spouse or partner or by any member of your household — the legal team at Palmer & Manuel in Dallas, Texas, can help. Our experienced, compassionate lawyers will help you and your children leave an abusive, dangerous situation. We will go with you to court to get a temporary restraining order and help you find shelter. We can help you explore all legal options to protect you and enable you to move on with your life.

Are You a Victim of Family Violence? Do You Need to Protect Your Children?

Our family law attorneys regularly advocate for victims of domestic violence. We know that domestic abuse is prevalent in high net worth families as well as low-income households. We understand that you may be hesitant to leave or have the abusive person removed from your home. We understand that you may be torn about breaking up your family or filing charges. We are here to explain options and stand up for your rights.

If you have endured physical, sexual, emotional or psychological abuse, or if you fear for the safety of yourself or children, we can intervene to:

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Family law attorneys at our law firm are proven advocates for victims of domestic violence throughout Dallas County and surrounding counties in North Texas. Call us for help at 214-242-6444 or contact us online now.