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Assisting Financial Institutions With Debt Collection For More Than 30 Years

The law allows financial institutions to take certain steps in order to collect on debts. At the law firm of Palmer & Manuel in Dallas, Texas, our lawyers have extensive knowledge of all options available. Our commitment to this area of the law has earned us a sterling reputation in collections and finance matters. We represent financial institutions such as Capital One in these types of cases.

Over the three decades that lawyers from our firm have been representing financial institutions, we have successfully handled over 10,000 creditors' rights matters involving everything from personal lines of credit to multimillion-dollar corporate debts secured by real estate, inventory and more.

We Know the Opposition's Defenses, Strategies And Tactics

In order to achieve success in any case, it is critical to know the tactics that the opposition will use. This is particularly true in creditors' rights cases.

We have seen the various methods that debtors use to protect themselves. We know the actions that debtors may take against creditors and what the law allows. Our constant mission is to successfully collect debts by the most cost-effective and efficient means. Providing solutions is what we do.

Experienced in All Types of Creditors' Rights Issues and Financial Litigation

Our firm has the experience to represent financial institutions in matters involving:

We also provide general guidance on all types of loan problems and issues involving collateral, as well as issues involving credit and loan procedures.

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