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Should I start or buy a business?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2023 | Business Formation |

In Texas, aspiring entrepreneurs must decide whether to start a business from the ground up or buy an existing one. Each path has its advantages and pitfalls, and understanding each option in more depth can help you better decide which suits your needs.

By weighing the following factors, you can evaluate each scenario and increase your chances for success as you begin your entrepreneurial journey.

Existing business vs. startup

Starting your own business allows you complete control and the chance to tailor the company’s brand to your precise vision. However, you must build your customer base from scratch, develop all the operational systems from the ground up and establish cash flow to support the new venture.

An existing business already has cash flow, operational processes and an established customer base. You may also be able to acquire the rights to valuable legal rights, trademarks and other brand equity. However, the upfront costs might be higher than a startup, and you could inherit outdated business practices and old or obsolete inventory.

Consider financing for your venture

Securing financing can present challenges for a startup company due to the lack of an existing business track record. Banks and investors want to lend capital to companies with an established history of revenue generation.

On the other hand, if you purchase an existing business, you may secure financing more easily based on the company’s history of operational success, existing cash flow and assets you can provide as collateral for loans.

Relevant skills and industry knowledge

Starting a new business allows you to align the venture with your expertise and interests and allows you to explore and capitalize on your strengths. Conversely, buying an existing operation in a familiar industry gives you a head start, and you can make more informed decisions, understand the market’s trends and use your existing networks to drive the company’s growth.

Perform due diligence

Whether you start your venture or buy an existing business, thorough due diligence is crucial in business law and other aspects of a company. You may need a team of professionals with financial and legal experience to help assess an existing company’s financial, legal and operational characteristics.

It is essential to investigate the reason behind a company sale, its business contracts, customer lists, financial records and many other factors to make an informed decision.

The decision to start up your own business or buy one requires careful consideration. By weighing the critical factors, you can make a more informed choice that aligns with your goals for business success.