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How can I avoid partnership disputes?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2023 | Partnership Agreements And Disputes, Partnership/Company Agreements And Disputes |

Entering into a business partnership is a significant opportunity for growth and expansion. Finding the right business partner could bring in resources, diverse expertise and values, helping the business thrive and reach new heights. However, even the most perfect partnerships are prone to disputes.

When two business owners team up, they could have differing cultures, perspectives and management styles. These differences could encourage advancement, but could also lead to conflicts based on the situation. These misalignments might cause a falling out between the partners, damaging their relationship and the business. Fortunately, business partners could take preventive measures to address and avoid disputes, including the following:

  • Do not start a business together or sign an agreement until you have agreed to all of the terms of the relationship. Concluding negotiations first could help give each partner a more precise direction on how to move forward.
  • Seek private legal representation. A personal lawyer could help protect a partner’s stake in the business based on the partnership and operating agreement.
  • Consider potentially disrupting scenarios and address them.
  • Think of reasons to walk away from the partnership during negotiations. Settling for an unsatisfactory agreement could be detrimental eventually.
  • Create a values agreement between involved parties. A business could flourish with proper direction guided by ethics and dedication. It could also raise what kind of leadership would result from the partnership.
  • Examine the other party’s skill set to help address any current weaknesses in the business.
  • Avoid competing with the other party. Instead, partners should collaborate to reach common goals.

These practices might not remove the risk of disputes, but they could help prevent them and set resolution procedures to be used if disputes do arise.

Partnerships could be challenging

A business partnership could have a rocky start, especially when both parties cannot meet eye to eye. It is crucial to consider vital matters early to help determine whether it is the right match. Figuring it out sooner could help avoid conflicts and potential legal concerns later.