Providing Solutions

Business disputes are relatively common for any small business operation in Texas, and they can arise out of a wide variety of circumstances. While many disputes are based on contract violations, the truth is that they can happen over practically any issue in an ongoing business relationship. Some businesses operate exclusively using contracts while many others do not, and disputes can even sometimes be worked out outside of court. But, when neither party is open to compromise, a business dispute could quickly find its way there.

Filing litigation

Whenever it is clear that negotiations over a dispute are impassable, both parties evaluate the possible outcome if the case were taken to court. Most small business disputes that are actually filed will be concerning a written contract of some sort, but court cases can also include implied or unwritten agreement disputes. These cases are typically breach of contract claims where the plaintiff presents their arguments within the complaint and the defense then justifies their actions with their own formal response.

Determining case value

Plaintiffs usually request a specific amount of dollars as damages for the actions of the defendant While the parties can include government agencies, they can essentially be filed by any business against another entity over any issue. This means that the business dispute will be affixed to a certain amount of money in almost every situation.

It is important for all business managers to exhaust all avenues of dispute resolution before actually filing a civil lawsuit or request an arbitration ruling, which usually produces a quicker result. Both can be very expensive, and a full trial could last a significant amount of time before resolution.