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Should you form your company as an LLC?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2019 | Business Formation And Planning |

When it comes time to create an official entity for your business, you may quickly realize that the number of business structures you may choose from can seem overwhelming. Many new business founders push forward into the market too quickly without properly establishing a business entity, which can cause huge problems and even lead to unnecessary bankruptcy. If you have concerns about how to create a legally sound business, the good news is that you are asking very important questions that every successful businessperson must answer.

One of the most commonly used business structures is a limited liability corporation, or LLC. LLCs are relatively simple to establish and offer a number of protections that other structures do not, although they are not a good fit for everyone. If you suspect that an LLC fits your needs, it is wise to use high-quality legal resources and guidance as you need them to keep your rights protected through the strength of the law.

Advantages of founding an LLC

Founding a business can be both exciting and frightening, and for good reasons. If the market responds well to your product or service, you may enjoy enormous success that you never have experienced otherwise, and this may bring many more opportunities to benefit yourself and others.

However, creating a business carries many risks, and few businesses manage to get far without encountering complications of some kind. One of the most important advantages of LLCs is the protection they provide to owners, shielding their personal assets in the event of a lawsuit against the company.

Businesses that involve significant danger or frequent opportunities for personal injury and property damage often form as LLCs because liability for damages and injuries falls on the business rather than the owners.

Business founders who own significant personal assets also frequently create LLCs for similar reasons. A lawsuit filed against an LLC may impact the business’s assets, but should not impact the owner’s personal assets. A lawsuit against the business itself may mean dissolving the LLC, but the owner’s personal assets typically remain secure.

Prepare carefully for success as well as setbacks

Regardless of the business form that you choose for your new venture, it is well worth your time, effort and resources to build your incorporating documents with care and precision. A well-built business entity makes the most of its strengths and can offer you the advantages and protections you need to keep your rights secure and weather difficulties as they come.