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Our International Business Transactions Practice

Meet Our Dallas International Business Transactions Attorneys

Providing Solutions For Global Business

Attorneys at Palmer Lehman Sandberg, PLLC have decades of experience advising diverse clients on entity formations and transactions that involve complex cross-border issues and considerations. We assist with initiatives as close as Canada and Mexico, as well as in more distant locations in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We have attorneys fluent in Mandarin Chinese and understand the growing demand for foreign investment in the United States. Our knowledgeable business and tax lawyers have the right balance of technical experience and cultural awareness to bring cross-border transactions to efficient, well-structured conclusions.

We base our recommendations on thorough analysis of clients’ specific needs and risks, and we diligently align our efforts with their critical objectives. Our skills and capabilities cover the spectrum of matters such as:

  • Commercial agreements involving entities from different countries. In addition to addressing issues common in domestic transactions, decisions will need to be made as to such matters as: (1) Which country’s laws will apply? (2) How will any disputes that might arise under the agreement be handled, and (3) Where will the dispute be addressed?
  • Formation of United States subsidiaries of foreign entities. Entities formed in the U.S. are most commonly created under the laws of a specific state. We offer counsel on which state will be most advantageous based on each client’s unique goals.
  • Formation of foreign subsidiaries of United States entities. Entities operating outside the U.S. are typically created under the laws of a foreign jurisdiction. Although the names often differ, most foreign jurisdictions allow formation of entities similar to corporations, limited partnerships and limited liability companies.
  • Investment Immigration Options. Many cross border investments carry the possibility of obtaining a US immigration visa or permanent resident card (“green card”). We have extensive experience representing developers and sponsors of projects as well as individual investors. Common categories include EB-5, L-1 and O visas.

Compliance With Federal Agency Oversight

Nearly every cross-border investment falls under the jurisdiction of a federal agency. Given the increased concern of global transactions, work with an attorney experienced with CFIUS (“Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States”), OFAC (“Office of Foreign Asset Control”), DOD (“Department of Defense”), DOJ (“Department of Justice”), or many other federal agencies. These agencies may require a pre-clearance prior to conducting business abroad or may require a finding of an exception. The penalties for failure to comply can range from fines and penalties to a reversal of the transaction or jail time.

International Business Transactions: Find Out More

Based in Dallas, Texas, our law firm provides counsel and representation to multinational companies across many industries and market sectors. Call us at 214-242-6444 or contact our attorneys online.

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