Dallas Temporary Restraining Order Lawyer

If you have experienced family violence or fear your spouse or partner may become violent, our law firm can help you obtain an emergency restraining order. For your protection and your children's safety, the person will be removed from your household and ordered not to have any contact until the court order is lifted.

An experienced family law attorney of Palmer & Manuel PLLC, in Dallas, Texas, will accompany you to the courthouse to obtain a temporary restraining order. This is an ex parte proceeding, meaning that the abuser will not be present and cannot object to the order.

Once you feel safe and your situation has settled, we can discuss your concerns and your legal options, such as whether to press criminal charges or seek a permanent restraining order and whether to try to reconcile or initiate divorce or child custody proceedings.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

If someone calls 911 to report a domestic dispute, the police will take the abusive party into custody and a judge will usually issue a temporary restraining order (TRO). If you go to court to obtain a TRO, the police will come and escort the person from the premises.

The kick out order prevents that person from returning to the residence without court permission. It prevents that person from having any contact with you — in person, by phone or text or email, or through a third party. It prevents the person from having contact with your children, unless the court authorizes supervised visitation.

If the person violates the order in any way, he or she is subject to arrest and serious criminal charges ... on top of any pending charges for domestic assault.

Within a week or two, the court will hold a hearing on whether to extend the TRO. Our experienced lawyers will represent you at this hearing to ask for a permanent restraining order or to request any modifications.

It Won't Blow Over. It Won't Get Better.

Domestic abuse often escalates and it has a negative impact on children. Take the steps to protect yourself and your kids before the abuse gets worse.

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