Bankruptcy and Divorce

Proper planning is essential when bankruptcy and divorce proceedings must occur simultaneously or close in time to one another. Many questions must be addressed, including:

  • Should bankruptcy be filed individually or jointly?
  • At what time does it make sense to file for divorce or bankruptcy?
  • Is there a way to reduce my court costs and attorney fees?
  • How does the amount of debt I have affect my decision?

These are just a few of the many considerations that must be addressed before you can determine a plan right for your situation. At Palmer & Manuel, located in Dallas, our lawyers have the experience needed to set you on a path to success. We will carefully review your situation and determine how best to achieve your goals.

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A Key Contributor to Divorce Cases

Family finance issues are one of the key reasons couples seek divorce. As a result, when money troubles are in play, it makes sense that bankruptcy proceedings and divorce proceedings often go hand in hand.

Which Should I File First?

In some situations, it makes sense to file for bankruptcy before divorce. For example:

  • Assets will not be part of the bankruptcy estate at the same time the family court is seeking to divide marital assets
  • Both parties might know that they will file for bankruptcy following divorce, so this gets everything done in one process
  • The parties will be able to discharge certain joint debts
  • You could increase your bankruptcy exemptions by filing jointly

Of course, filing for a joint bankruptcy prior to divorce will not be right for everyone. Our job is to evaluate your specific situation and provide you with the best option given your circumstances.

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