Dallas Family Law Attorneys

At the law firm of Palmer & Manuel, you will find attorneys with more than 30 years of experience helping people in Dallas and throughout Texas resolve complex family law concerns.  Palmer & Manuel is a charter member of the Dallas Bar Association's Family Law Section's "100 Club". The Dallas Bar Association 100 Club is a special membership recognition category that reflects a commitment to the advancement of the legal profession and the betterment of the community

Experience has taught us the steps necessary to provide solutions in even the most challenging family law cases. Equally important, it has taught us the value of providing caring and personalized representation in every case.

Providing Solutions That Are Right for You and Your Family

Personalized representation is important because it means we take the time to work with you and determine the path that makes the most sense for you and your family. In some cases, that path involves family law mediations and arbitrations, or collaborative family law. In other cases, more aggressive approaches are required, including trial litigation.

Facing Or Considering Divorce? Put Our Knowledge to Work Protecting Your Rights and Future.

The most common family law challenge men and women face is divorce. Our lawyers handle both uncontested divorces and contested cases at all levels of conflict and complexity. You can count on us to address all of your important concerns, which may include:

Experience Across the Full Spectrum of Texas Family Law Needs And Problems

Our family lawyers also have extensive experience pursuing post-divorce modifications made necessary by substantial changes in either parents' or children's circumstances. We may be able to assist you with an enforcement or contempt action, and our capabilities extend to a range of other issues associated with:

  • Fathers' and mothers' rights
  • Grandparents' rights
  • Prenuptial and postmarital agreements
  • Paternity actions
  • Guardianships

We also have a thriving, widely respected estate planning and probate practice, enabling us to assist clients in revising or redrafting wills, trusts and other documents to reflect major life changes such as divorce.

Learn Your Rights and Discuss Our Approach To Protecting Them

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