Dallas Lender Liability Lawyers

Protecting Businesses in Debt Disputes

When being pursued by a creditor, it is important for business debtors to remember that they have rights. More importantly, they have options.

At the law firm of Palmer & Manuel in Dallas, Texas, our lawyers have decades of experience that we put to use in lender liability cases. Our experience allows us to find the options available to business debtors, options that can protect them against collection actions, as well as options that involve taking action against creditors that are not following the rules.

Taking Action Against Creditors

The law offers creditors clear guidance about what can and what cannot be done when attempting to collect on a debt. Unfortunately, creditors frequently take steps that violate the rights of business debtors.

When these violations take place, the opportunity is presented to debtors to take action against creditors. This action could result in compensation being provided to the business debtor.

While we can spot opportunities to take action against creditors, we are also well-versed in the variety of defenses that can be used to fight lawsuits against debtors by creditors.

Experienced in all Types of Lender Liability Cases

Our firm has the experience to represent businesses in lender liability cases involving:

  • Wrongful foreclosure
  • Improper seizures and repossessions
  • Usury claims for illegal interest charges
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices act violations

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