Dallas Attorneys For Civil Appeals

When an unfavorable verdict has been issued against you — or if your opponent appeals a judgment in your favor — we will fight on your behalf, every step of the way. Businesses across the nation turn to the law firm of Palmer & Manuel in Dallas, Texas, for thoughtful and confident assistance from appellate lawyers with years of experience.

Fighting to Protect Your Interests, Every Step of the Way

It is of crucial importance that your case be handled by attorneys with in-depth knowledge of both business law and the appellate process. Attorney Jeff Sandberg clerked for the Fifth Court of Appeals in Dallas and is board certified in civil appellate law. He is also a CPA skilled in handling cases involving business, corporate and commercial matters, as well as other civil matters, at the appellate level. With his leadership and guidance, Palmer & Manuel is exceptionally equipped to represent you in appellate matters involving:

  • Contractual disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Business torts
  • Creditors' rights and lender liability
  • Consumer/DTPA disputes
  • Real estate
  • Bankruptcy
  • Malpractice

The assistance of a law firm with specialized appellate litigation experience offers a distinct advantage: We handle cases at the trial court level with the appellate process in mind, taking care to preserve all avenues for appeal. We will also accept cases already at the appeals level under circumstances in which our experience and skill in appellate matters is required.

Find Out More About Our Skills And Approach to Appellate Matters

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